Artist Statement

Monica Lewis investigates the spiritual, emotional and psychological effects of her loss of memory in a series of paintings.


The sense of space and focus on the figure give you a sense of another time. Although the work is autobiographical, she uses the image of her friends’ children to validate the power of simplicity in childhood as a legacy, reliving her memories through the new
generation. Using a variety of media, she embarks on a journey of self-questioning and self-knowledge where the process of making is as important as the outcome in
discovering and healing the gaps in her life story.

‘The art I produce explores the emotional significance of memory as a lost possession. It displays an awareness of the presence and absence of memory coexisting side by side. Realism and representation are needed to allow the senses and the ineffable to be ‘seen’ by me. The tension between time, place and lost memories has strengthened my interest in the beauty of the ordinary.

Making is cathartic for me, and part of the process of self-questioning. Circles are a recurring symbol in my work as I try to make sense of the movement of time in relation to my memory.’